Why Buy Wormeries From Us?

Since we started the domestic Wormery business back in the 1980’s, we have been flattered (and challenged) that numerous others have copied our ideas and/or come up with similar concepts across the UK, Europe and indeed the world. To be frank, several of our competitors now offer good quality products that, as the Ronseal advert has it, do what is says on the tin and we view this growth in the Wormery world and multiplicity of availability of a variety of Wormeries with some pleasure and dare we admit, some pride.

Mind you for basic commercial reasons we are however still more than happy to bang our own drum and extol the manifest, absolute and relative benefits of our particular products against all-comers – well so far and as long as we come out top at least.

When I set up the business it was as much about a change of lifestyle for me and my family as it was about trying to do something constructive and positive, as it was about making my millions. Still - I guess one out of three is not too bad in the overall scheme of things! I work as long now as ever I did working for others and I still haven’t achieved the millions from my Wormeries – well not yet at least. But, I am my own man in the fascinating and wonderful world of domestic recycling in general and Wormeries in particular.

After a 20 year successful career in HR and general management what more natural than to switch careers and spend the next 20 years researching, developing, sourcing, manufacturing and selling Wormeries to the great British public? Well actually we export our world beating Wormeries to the USA, France, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, Greece and in simple truth most of Europe. Moreover, we even first coined and indeed trade marked the word Wormery as it pertains to composting and were granted the first ever Wormery design patent in the world, so at least our pedigree is good.

With some good competitor products now about what makes us still stand out from the crowd and more specifically why should you buy Wormeries from us rather than anyone else? So what that we were the first are we still the best is the question?

Well thankfully I believe I can, hand on heart and with utter sincerity and integrity say yes we are still the best for many reasons: Our Wormeries are well made, have achieved best buy status from Gardening Which? Magazine (the Consumers Association); are proven, independently acclaimed and efficacious; they have clear, helpful, informative yet simple and well written instructions. Indeed we continue to effectively write and update the text book from which others simply crib.

We offer a range of Wormeries which differ in size and design. Our Classic Wormeries comprise our dual chamber design with patented separating and drainage platform, fine mesh brass aeration vents and lockable lids with industry unique rubberised foam compression seals. The range comprises a 21, 35 and 94 Litre model so can cater for organic kitchen waste generated by a single person households up to the full family. Practical, simple and economic they offer tremendous and unrivalled value, simplicity of use and excellent results.

Our Tiger Wormeries are an excellent combination of the aesthetically pleasing and the practical and incorporate some exciting design improvements on other models. The main benefit of Multi tray systems is the easier harvesting of the compost once the worms have done their work. With our design each tray sits on the surface of the compost or waste in the lower layer rather than clip or slot fit at a pre-determined position. This eliminates the problem of gaps from shrinkage and makes for the far easier upward migration of the worms to the new food. With aeration holes in the vertical plane of the lid (rather than some competitor Wormeries which have holes in the near horizontal plane of the lid), ventilation is achieved whilst avoiding the risk of waterlogging in heavy rain. Tiger Wormeries are available in two, three, four and five tray models which range in capacity from C. 40 Litres to C. 88+ Litres and colour wise they are offered in black, terracotta or British Racing green.

Perhaps the true and greatest benefit of buying from us though, is the sure and certain knowledge and the accompanying peace of mind, that comes from dealing with true experts (I do hope this doesn’t sound too immodest). As the leading Wormery designers and developers in the country (world?) we have developed a unique knowledge base and expertise in our chosen field. This in turn leads to a well -trained and highly knowledgeable customer service team I(with expert back up) dedicated, ready and able to professionally answer any product or process related questions that our customers may have as well as efficiently and speedily process your order.

Moving on to the worms we use, Tiger worms cost more are significantly less widely available than the dendrobaena variety which virtually all of our competitors opt for; but they are quite simply the best for the job, no if’s or buts or maybe’s. Some years ago we sponsored a post graduate student to do their doctoral thesis on worms and worm composting working under Dr Jim Fredrickson a widely acknowledged world class leading expert in the field and this strongly endorsed the efficacy of our chosen worm as not just ‘ fit for purpose’ but also as ‘ best for job’. When it comes to domestic Wormeries they are the bees knees, so we say why compromise on the best? A word of caution here though on how to buy worms. Worms can be purchased by species and/or weight and/or size and/ or age. What you really want are a good number of young tiger worms. Dendrobaena are cheaper but so what, margarine is cheaper than butter and keg beer cheaper than real ale. Young because (alas) it is the teenager equivalent age of most species which are the most virile and can breed most prolifically! It’s not the weight that counts. A kilogram of large older dendrobaena just won’t be as good as 250 grams of cool, active, young and wriggly tigers when it comes to sorting out your organic kitchen waste in your Wormery.

So why buy from us then? Well if I haven’t convinced you so far, I am not sure I will so I simply suggest you visit our competitor’s websites or get their catalogues or brochures, thoroughly research and read about their products, features and benefits, compare with our products, prices and service and then make your decision. In all honesty there are some good Wormeries out there.

But I still expect to see you back soon!