Top 10 Wormery Tips!

Top tips for great Wormery success

  1. Feed a little and often. If in doubt under feed rather than over feed.
  2. Drain off the liquid periodically to avoid water-logging and if it appears wet mix in dry shredded newspaper and/or cardboard.
  3. A balanced diet is best.
  4. Easy on the highly acidic foods:- onions, garlic, citrus fruits and very spicy foods.
  5. Read and occasionally re read the product instructions. We all like to get things sorted quickly and sometimes think we know a tad more than maybe we do, but our product instructions are in all modesty, well written, informative and cover 99% of all key queries you are likely to have on your Wormery.
  6. Lift the lid and take a nosey from time to time. Have a little dig or poke about to check all is well. Any problems refer to 5) above!
  7. If you don't like flies avoid storing the kitchen waste too long before adding to the Wormery and don't leave the Wormery lid open more than is essential.
  8. Look after your worms and they will look after you - well they'll make excellent compost and liquid feed for you at least!
  9. Bury meat waste to minimise the risk of flies invading.
  10. Remember to dilute the liquid feed with 10 parts water prior to use. It's excellent stuff, but it is concentrated!