10 Reasons To Own A Wormery

As if you need convincing!

  1. It turns your ordinary kitchen waste into rich organic compost and just keeps on doing it day after week after month after year.
  2. About a third of your household waste is likely to be kitchen generated organic matter. Recycling it at the home saves or reduces increases in your council tax by saving some the of the huge costs of domestic waste collection transport and disposal.
  3. Simply by recycling organic kitchen waste in a Wormery, you are stopping it going to landfill sites where it could contribute to environmental damage by producing methane (which is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming) and nitrogen rich and contaminated leachate (which pollutes rivers and streams).
  4. About two thirds of the typical food waste fed to a wormery (particularly if this is plenty of raw fruit and vegetable waste) comes out of the tap as a 'ready- made' and 'free' nutrient rich organic liquid feed.
  5. Can be used indoors or outside and even if you have a tiny garden you are doing your bit to recycle waste and can feed your window box and pot plants!
  6. Saves you £££s on proprietary purchased composts and the struggle home from the Garden Centre with sacks and bales.
  7. It's clean, simple and in normal operation odour free.
  8. Our range of size and type of wormeries caters for your needs and can be flexible and added to as required. Your wormery can grow with your needs.
  9. You win Competitions! Sounds odd but we have over 25 unsolicited testimonials from delighted customers attributing their flower or vegetable show success to the compost and liquid from their Wormery!
  10. We will do our bit for the planet and the future by planting at least one tree for every Wormery we sell.