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Worm Trivia

Worm Trivia

10 facts you always wanted to know!

    1. If you cut a worm in half it will probably die, one 'half' may survive and regrow but you will not get two worms.


    1. The only possibly reasonable negative or bad thing about a worm is that some humans don't like them- which is hardly the worms fault. Worms only eat dead organic matter. Nothing more and nothing less. This immediately puts them towards the very top of the list of beneficial and harmless life forms on the planet. We humans alas are towards the bottom.


    1. Enzymes produced in the gut of composing worms improves the nutrient content of the compost. Worm worked compost or worm casts are the most nutrient rich natural compost known.


    1. There are over 3000 species of worms worldwide 28 native to the UK and 3 particularly good at the rapid conversion of dead organic matter to well worked compost.


    1. Worms never over populate. They regulate their breeding actively in line with their environment, availability of food and space. If only we did likewise...


    1. Worms are hermaphroditic. They can change gender but can't be both at the same time so it still takes two to tango!


    1. The Tiger Worm, Eisenia fetida process and composts a higher percentage equivalent in waste of its own body weight than any other native or European species. The Tiger worm 100% Dendrobaena a still impressive 50%.


    1. Charles Darwin spent three years on his researches which lead to his great work, 'The origins of the Species' but 10 years on studying worms alone.


    1. There are billions more worms in the world than humans yet both would benefit from more of the former and less of the latter!


    1. Worms achieve sexual maturity after about 6 weeks and they reproduce by laying tiny capsules. Capsules can lay dormant in the soil for months and even years until conditions are propitious when between 2 and 10 small translucent pink worms will emerge.

Tiger Worms in compost


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