About Us

Ten years prior to the publication of the ground-breaking book ‘Origin Of The Species’, Charles Darwin spent significant time studying worms. This resulted in the great British scientist to release ‘The Formation Of Vegetable Mould Through The Action Of Worms With Observations On Their Habits’. We believe that to understand the world, Darwin had to study the Earth, first, but then we are a specialist and dedicated wormery and worm composting company!

We started work on this business over 25 years ago in the mid 1980s when the word wormery (as it pertains to composting) hadn’t even been coined. Having read of the works of some dedicated pioneers of organic gardening including Jack Temple and his publications through the HDRA (now the National Centre for Organic Gardening), we saw an exciting opportunity to make worm composting easy and available to all gardeners and householders. In truth all we have done is examined nature, learned from earlier experts and devised simple and efficient methods and systems for the lowly worm to be harnessed to help us deal with the vital issue of dealing with the food waste of the billions of us on this little planet.

We truly believe we are experts in Wormery Composting and Composting in general due to our years of learning and real-life experience. We also believe that Composting is a highly important issue and can help anyone to start to live sustainably.

We hope we can help you on your journey.