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The real home of wormeries

We designed it, developed it, named it and have an enviable pedigree of unrivalled expertise in the world of domestic worm composting.

Along with our popular range of wormeries, we also offer Tiger Worms and a range of wormery accessories.

Wormeries for Christmas

Tiger Worms & wormery accessories for Christmas


The Original Wormery

The Original Wormery

The Original Wormery is our best selling all-in-one Wormery and was the very first commercially available Wormery - invented over 25 years ago.

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The Indoor Wormery

Stainless Steel Indoor Wormery

This hygienically designed Wormery, will work well, fit into and above all look stunning in your kitchen!

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The Midi Wormery

The Midi Wormery

The Midi Wormery is ideal for locations where space is limited and also fits neatly into many kitchen cupboards!

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The Junior Wormery

The Junior Wormery

The Junior Wormery is designed for single person use, fantastic for kids and makes a great gift.

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The Tiger Wormery

The Tiger Wormery

Our best selling Tiger Wormery is a multi tray stacking system and is available in 3 colours; Black, Green and Terracotta.

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The Rainbow Wormery

The Rainbow Wormery Range

The Rainbow Wormery hold approx 30 litres and are available in Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White(Clear) and Yellow.

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The Pet Poo Wormery

The Pet Poo Wormery

Turn your pet and dog poo into compost and a liquid fertiliser for your garden with a Pet and Dog Poo Wormery.

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All Wormeries

View all Wormeries and compare

View all our Wormeries and compare; Price, Contents, Capacity, Colours, Suitable for and Dimensions.

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Wormery Accessories

Tiger Worms

Tiger Worms

Tiger Worms are the best worms you can use in your Wormery, Supplied in breathable pouches and sent by priority delivery service to arrive in a healthy condition.

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Lime Mix

Lime Mix

Keep your worms thriving with our environmentally friendly soft lime mix. This mix will ensure that the environment in the Wormery is stable and non-acidic.

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Worm Treats

Worm Treats

Made from 100% sustainably resourced and non contaminated wood waste, known as 'Ecowood' they rapidly absorb excess moisture, swell up and are readily processed by your happy Tiger Worms.

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Mositure Mats

Coir Moisture Mats

Made from coir, our moisture mats help encourage worms to the surface to eat, aid by keeping heat in during the winter and add an extra barrier against fly infestation.

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